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20 May


Skate Dance

By pattyrose, Category: | Dance & Fitness 2 comments

My passions for movement and dance often lead me to new and creative ways of keep myself doing just that, moving and dancing. Today, I got a beautiful new pair of dance skates, (that's the skates with four wheels) AKA, quads or traditionals.

I used to roller skate when I was a young girl, probably three or four days a week. Man, I just LOVED it! Bopping, rolling, gliding! Music, dance, action! Never a dull moment - all inclusive - mind, body, heart and soul involved.

Now, I'm back and ready to roll, (literally). My husband and I went downtown to pick them up and then, straight to the park. Armed with my wrist and elbow pads, I started to get my skate - legs back. Little by little, all my old moves started to magically show themselves to me (well, a few of them anyway - it'll take some time). Just as the saying goes, "it's like riding a bike". I...

07 May


Welcome to Dance and Fitness in Plain English

By pattyrose, Category: | Dance & Fitness 0 comment

 Let's Dance!!

It is my belief that ANYONE CAN DANCE! We all move rythmically...

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